Sunday, March 4, 2007

Beautiful Day

The Sun is shining in NH...and I am taking a break from real estate today. Our studio is full of pots that are glazed and waiting to be fired. We are waiting for the gas company to replace some pipes so the firing is on hold until that is done this week (more later on our kiln). Since there isn't room to create more pots we will head over to the Sharon Arts Center Gallery in Peterboro and see our work on display. We never did get there in Friday...
I am a little bit nervous about seeing my work displayed in a public place....John assures me it will look beautiful. I did display work at two student exhibitions at the NH Institute of Art...but it was all student work...this time it will be there along with many master potters from throughout the state.
.....the coffee is ready and calling me now.....

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