Monday, May 26, 2008


here it is 1 month after my accident. i have still not settled yet with the other guys insurance company. all i want is a fair price for my trailblazer. they only want to give me $8575 for insurance company told me it's value was $9660...when i told the other company that number the adjuster said "everyone thinks they have won the lottery when they are in an accident". i was shocked he said that to me...i don't think $9660 is winning the lottery. i have spent endless time on the phone trying to resolve this. they told me they would no longer pay my rental after last saturday...i think they thought that would make me settle. NO WAY. i turned the rental in and will drive JZ's subaru until this is over.

i wasn't at fault for this accident but i sure feel like the one being punished.

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