Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Studio Guests

last wednesday my friend debi came to visit the studio with her step-daughter stephanie...we hadn't seen each other in over two years. stephanie had taken ceramics classes in high school and was very excited about visiting. we spent the whole day together getting dirty :-)

Northwood is fortunate to be home to the BEST vegan cafe in the state of NH...Susty's Cafe. we took a break in the afternoon and walked across the street for a delicious lunch...steph is not a fan of vegan food but she was a good sport and found something on the menu that she thought was safe... salad :-)

it was a beautiful, warm and sunny day so debi and stephanie's pots were ready for trimming after lunch...

great work for beginners! (jz's teapot in the background)

...yesterday i received a very sweet thank you note in the mail from debi...she said that steph would love to live closer to the studio...

i think she has caught the "clay bug"!

and i hope they come back to visit again soon.

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