Thursday, September 20, 2012

Festival in the Park, Freedom Park - Charlotte, NC

The gas kiln was fired on Sunday and for the most part with good results. I am really happy with how the ginkgo leaf bowls in the green glaze and shino came out.

 I was afraid after seeing the pattern fired in wood and salt, that the green glaze wouldn't live up to my expectations! I didn't commit all them to this firing, but I will glaze the rest for the next firing along with the mugs I have finished.

Photographing shiny glazes is so hard. I tried the spraying with hairspray trick once but didn't think it made much difference... and then you had sticky pot that needed to be washed! If anyone has any suggestion or hints, I would love to hear them.

This firing had a lot of new piggy banks. This is a new color combination - nuka and shino with copper red over the shino. 
He is available in my Etsy shop, clicking the photo will take you there.

Jeff and I have a busy day ahead. We will be loading pots and our booth into the trailer. Tomorrow we head to Charlotte for the Festival in the Park, at Freedom Park. This is a three day show and the weather is looking good. If your in the Charlotte area, stop in and say hello.


  1. It seems a few of us are talking about photographing pottery this morning.

    A friend told me that you can get some anti-glare spray to help eliminate the shine but I was unsuccessful finding anything. I did think about hairspray but will not try it now. I think the best bet is to get the light defused as much as possible.

    Good luck at the show.

  2. Have a great show. Those Ginko leaf bowls are great. Me too on the glare on shiney glazes...oh well, continuing to try different set ups and camera settings.
    Barb at Alchemy of Clay

  3. I think the green glaze is pretty great and the glare might be more apparent to you than to others. I think you just have to flag and diffuse the lights until you get the right combo. Wish I could be in Charlotte this weekend, take lots of pictures so we can be there with you virtually!!

  4. I've been making gingko leaves too, from silver! I used to do gingko necklaces and have had a couple requests for them. they are fun, aren't they!

  5. the bowls turned out great, have fun at the show, try photographing the bowls outside in the shade and see if that helps.

  6. Beautiful piggy, lovely glaze combination! Love how glossy it looks

  7. The stuff you need is called dulling spray. Krylon makes one. You can buy it at Amazon and Dick Blick. Hard core photog shops will probably sell it as well. It's what the professional/commercial photographers use. And it just wipes off. You can use lots and lots and lots (with only a little harm to the ozone layer).

  8. Argh, I've been so busy lately I have not kept up with the blogosphere...been missing all the updates :(

    Love, love, love the ginko- shino and green~ just beautiful! Who cares about the shine, the pots look amazing! And from the wood firing post- WOW! You got some gorgeous results, love the lidded casserole :)


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