Friday, October 12, 2012

a week of meetings and politics

Doesn't it seem that if you belong to groups that have meetings, they will all fall during the same week... and on a week that you really don't have time for them? That was my week in a nutshell.

Each month the Co-op, that we are members of, meets to choose our work days and discuss anything else that may come up. This month one of the candidates for Lt. Governor in NC, Dan Forest, came to the meeting. He wanted to have a discussion with the local potters and it was decided that our meeting would be a good opportunity for him and us. Quite frankly, I realized last week that I have been so focused on the Presidential election, that I know nothing about the upcoming state elections and it was time to get my head out of the sand.

The first thing I needed to know was, what is a Lt. Governor? NH (where I lived up until 2 years ago) doesn't have one. I figured the position was like vice-president, and I was correct. In NC the Lt. Governor doesn't really have any power, he resided over the senate and has a vote only if there is a tie. If the governor, dies or can no longer serve, then he takes over.
That's the first think I learned this week about NC politics.

The second thing I learned is that this guy won't get my vote.

Forest was supposed to arrive shortly before 5:00 pm, and have a brief meeting prior to our Co-op meeting at 5:30. He and his campaign manager didn't arrive until nearly 6:00 pm. I don't think they even called to say they were running late! Yes, he was very articulate and did have some good ideas.
He sort of reminded me of Bill Paxton's character Bill Henrickson, on the series "Big Love".  We didn't stick around for chit chat afterwards, we were in the middle of loading the gas kiln that needed to be fired that night.

Later in the evening I went to Dan Forest's website and confirmed what I thought...

conservative christian
proponent of amendment one

The creepiest thing that I found on his website was 'Dan TV". It was a page of videos to click on, one being a clip with Mike Huckabee endorsing him, and at the end, Forest walking in with Chik-fil-A for lunch. Weird. The creepiest one was a very short clip of him firing a pistol at a shooting range, then turning around to look at the camera. Here is a link to his media page, but this morning it seems all the videos are gone! Maybe someone told him they were in poor taste?

Dan TV

Well that's my rant for the week, and maybe the rest of the year. In the meantime I think we should all put a bird on it.


  1. So I guess we know who the next Lt. Gov of NC will be :-( Nice of him to reach out to artsits who probably would not vote for him knowing what you know.

  2. Lt. Gov. sounds like the best job in the world! Too good to let some asshole have it. We live in the most Republican county in Ohio and that's sayin' something! All the Democrats in the county were going to go to the National Convention but we couldn't decide whose car to take.

  3. Lori -The meeting was opened up to any of the potters in the area, not just the coop members. There were a couple of others there to hear what he had to say. Many (more knowledgeable than I was about the candidate) opted not to attend.
    Even though I was irritated that he "messed with our meeting" I am glad I got the wake up call to learn about who is running in my new state. I fear you are right about the election :-(.

    Dennis - have you ever considered stand up comedy?!

  4. Sweet bird, have you noticed etsy changed everything up, ugh, more stuff to deal with.

  5. Yes siree, welcome to North Carolina, a government of idiots! Lets just Frack THEM!

  6. Tracey, I have a feeling Forest is all for fracking too!

  7. Well,maybe Michele, you've heard me sing. That's always good for a laugh.

  8. what- you are not voting for him???? She says with her tounge planted firmly in
    her cheek.
    and what TB said AND DENNIS!

  9. Love the bird and your political rant! :-)

  10. why yes, I am TOTALLY prejudiced against republican rednecks...UGH


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