Monday, October 22, 2012

special cups

We had a great weekend with our friend Rob and I even managed to get some pots finished in between the fun. My plan was to post some photos of the pots tonight, but I got a little side tracked by a cup I chose to pour some wine into, while I mixed together pizza dough for this evenings dinner.

 Isn't it a beauty?

I don't use this cup everyday, yet tonight I reached for it. This cup was made by Dick Lehman. When John was going through his cancer treatment, he and Dick started conversing via e-mail. At the time Dick was also facing some serious health issues. During their conversations they decided to do a cup exchange. Unfortunately, John died before the exchange took place. When I e-mailed Dick the news, he asked if I would still consider sending one of John's cups to him. He said he had one already picked out to send to him, and would like for me to have it... a cup with an amazing drip. A cup that he knew a potter would appreciate. I chose one of John's to send off to Dick, and I received this one in the mail.

It's a beauty and I treasure it.


  1. Sweet, and a good drip it is, I used to hide or reject those drips but now I am slowing realizing they speak to the art of the craft of pottery, allowing the pottery, clay, and also the firing to have an influence in the pot and our appreciation for those pieces of pottery.

  2. I love Dick's work, that's a beauty!

  3. It is a beautiful cup with a beautiful story. I think I would treasure it as well and use it with care but honor it and the maker by using it, not just leaving it on a shelf.


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