Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Liebster Blog Award - all about ME!

Judy, over at New Day Pottery, nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award. It's Wordless Wednesday for some of my blogger friends, so this where you can get your fill on words!

First I have to list 11 random facts about myself: 1. I am growing out my hair color and it may be scary. 2. I have big feet, size 9 1/2. 3. I like liver but don't eat it anymore because "they" now say it's not good for you. 4. My Memere (grandmother) lived with us growing up and we clashed horribly. 5. My sister and I were born on the same day, 4 years apart. 6. I was an early childhood educator for 19 years. 7. I collect little cups. 8. I have a cat, her name is Sophie... and she is so pretty, and smart (that's a joke that Jeff and I share). 9. I really like monkeys, chimps, and apes. 10. I am happy to be in North Carolina 11. I have one child, a daughter named Danielle... and she is so pretty, and smart, and is a pharmaceutical sales rep for Pfizer Animal Health in Connecticut.

Second here are the questions that Judy asked me:

1. Where did you grow up: The great little State of New Hampshire

2. What is your favorite place to visit?: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston MA

3. How many pottery mugs do you own that are not made by you?: 30+ seriously, and that is erring on the conservative side. I know, maybe I should get some help for that obsession

4. What is your favorite book?: A Prayer for Owen Meaney by John Irving

5. How many art shows do you participate in every year?: 5 +/-

6. What is your favorite pizza?: ALL pizza is my favorite!!!

7. What kind of music do you listen to most?: I have eclectic taste - my cd collection is everything from alternative, jazz, blues, rock, I LOVE twangy music but not top 40 country... let me define twangy: Lucinda Williams, Alison Krauss, Ryan Adams, Ryan Adams in his Whiskey Town incarnation, Lyle Lovett... ok, I know you get it now (I hope).

8. Beach or Mountains?: that's a hard one... I love them both for different reasons.

9. Favorite TV show?: We don't have cable or satellite, so we stream things online via a Roku player. I like The Office and just started watching Modern Family.

10. Last movie you saw?: Mostly Martha (German film with subtitles - liked it a lot)

11. Favorite child hood memory?: The Thanksgiving that my mother put our pumpkin pies on the porch to keep cold... we had a houseful of company and a new Husky puppy that was under foot. Someone let the pup out onto the porch. We didn't have any pumpkin pie for dessert that year... but that Husky puppy sure looked cute with an orange face!

Here is the latest pig in my Etsy shop. He is salt glazed and branded with the word "Bacon"!


  1. certainly deserve the award, and many more. Seriously, 30 mugs by others? You must have lots of friends over for coffee!

  2. fun to read! I like liver and twangy music too. Probably neither one is good for you, haha! I also share your mug disfunction :)

  3. Congratulations! It's great to hear the personal side. I grew up in Mass and spent summers in New Hampshire. What a beautiful state! I miss it.

  4. I counted 30 mugs in the kitchen cupboard, then there are the ones hanging on hooks in the dining area, the ones sitting on the ceiling beams, some on a shelf in the living room... and I am sure some that are still boxed from the move two years ago!!!!

  5. Neat post. You deserve it....congratulations.

    I kind of suspected we have a shared mug obsession....No, we are COLLECTORS!

  6. Ah yes those orange faces will get you every time.

  7. Congratulations. It's fun getting to know you more personally. I like that you have 30+ mugs, now I can do some more pottery shopping.

  8. you are probably inspired by Jeffy and his natural hair color, etc ;)

  9. Gary, you are absolutely right! I have a feeling that mine won't be the beautiful color that Jeff's is, or Maude's is, for that matter. I think mine is going to look mousey. Only time will tell.

  10. I agree its interesting to know more personal things! I'm a shoe size 6 but I have very wide feet.


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