Thursday, March 7, 2013

I like to jump right in...

I am really bad about doing tests. I have a habit of experimenting directly on pots. Like these mugs...

I brushed on a black Amaco underglaze and wiped it off. The plan is to glaze the lower half in Temple White and the interior and upper half in gloss green. I want to see how the black looks under the white because I have all those little porcelain dishes that I want to use this technique on. Who knows how the green will look in combination with the white and black! They went in the kiln tonight and we fire tomorrow. I should have results by Sunday, so stay tuned!

Found this photo on my camera tonight...
Taco Tuesday served in a Watershed Salad Days Dish -  Meredith Host 2005


  1. I experiment right on the work too, many have been smashed, but some have been keepers. Good luck with the firing.

    when you brush on the underglaze do you do it on a bisqued piece or greenware?

  2. Linda, they are bisqued porcelain. These are some underglazes that someone gave us and I have only tried them out one other time. I think my application was too thin before, but the piece sold so someone liked it!

  3. I think this is going to be a successful combination. I like the way the black isn't entirely wiped off the surface.

    I keep small pots around for testing, but usually use mugs......if I don't like the results I use them outside, or put plants in them.

  4. I do test mugs more than test tiles, you can really get a good feel for what is happening on the surface that way. You just learn not to cry over failed test mugs.

  5. I've had good success with Mayco's Stroke N Coat, black (fired to ^6) wiped off - worked fine in recessed areas (like the dragon I just finished) Need to test various glazes over it. Hope to see your results soon!


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