Tuesday, March 5, 2013

odds and ends.

ginkgo leaves - colored pencil and sharpie marker

ginkgo leaves - water color and sharpie marker

a mess of handmade dishes that need washing after a fun dinner with friends


  1. absolutely luscious, I could hang a large one on my wall.

  2. Gorgeous...and definitely worth framing. I just finished dishes from days in the sink (being sickie). Being with friends is way better.

  3. NIce to see I'm not the only one straying away to other mediums during this cold and icky month! Beautiful drawings,and those dishes....... Sigh....

  4. I really think that as artists we need to keep exploring other mediums... it keeps all your work fresh. I took too long a break from drawing/painting and now it's taking time to loosen up in those mediums.

  5. I've been drooling over your ginkos for a while now. These are beautiful. Switching mediums is like exercising differently.


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