Friday, March 22, 2013

The White House Sponsors Cup Show

... in my dreams that is! Last night I dreamed that the White House sponsored a ceramic cup show and that Jeff won an award. Michelle Obama was the juror.

Doesn't the First Lady have excellent taste?

We were so excited that the White House was recognizing ceramic art, despite all the cuts due to the sequester. 

...and then I woke up to reality.

We are firing the gas kiln tonight. We are experiencing chilly temps, but are fortunate that our pyrometer is on a long leash and we can check it from the comfort of our living room... then dash out the back door to adjust the burners or damper and come back in to be near the wood stove. It's sort of funny that we think this is cold, when compared to what we had to deal with in New Hampshire. Amazing how quickly we have acclimated!

While Jeff was tending the kiln, earlier today, I finished some little covered butter/cheese dishes. I hadn't made these in quite a few years and I think I may make some more this week.

There are a few more pots to the Etsy shop, so go ahead and take a look...


  1. I wish your dream would come true! What fun it would be!

    I like your butter dishes. Looks like a good firing!

  2. Such fun to dream...that's how most things start somehow, don't they? Good luck on your kiln load. Can't wait to see results. Love the little covered dishes.

  3. Go to and start a petition, I'll sign it. Let's make it happen.

  4. I love clay dreams! So much better than clown dreams. Of course, almost anything is better than clown dreams.
    I'll sign that petition, LB!

  5. I'm liking all your carving and the handles on the butter dishes are super, have a good firing. Gary said I had a screaming dream last night and he woke me up so the guests didn't wonder, don't know what it was. Ha.

  6. hot damn I love your little covered pots, mmmm mmmm!

  7. Love those covered butter dishes. Are they thrown? And your carving is gorgeous!

  8. Thank you Sunraya. They are wheel thrown.


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