Friday, May 31, 2013

rambling thoughts...

This evening I was outside glazing pots for the wood firing and as I was glazing I could hear my neighbor's hoe as he worked in his cornfield. It reminded me that making pots is a lot like farming. You need to do what you need to do... no matter what the time is. Like some might say "This ain't no nine to five job".
These thoughts reminded me of a blog post John wrote back in 2006... you can read it by clicking here. If you are so inclined to click and read that post, I think you will be inspired to go back and read more of his blog. His writing was insightful, and reflected the gentle nature of his being. I wish he had had more time on this earth to share more of his wisdom and thoughts through blogging.

In the here and now... I had these pendants made for a raku firing, but decided to glaze them and fire them in the wood kiln. I am excited to see how they react with the ash. The best news that I have tonight is that our electrical problems have all been taken care of! There was nothing wrong with the electric kiln, it was a problem in the electrical box. Our house issues are cured as well...
I will sleep soundly tonight.


  1. Thanks for sharing the good news about the electric. I'm sure you will sleep better.

  2. Yes, being a potter is what you are, not just something you do. And so many of us step away from the clay to do something relaxing, like gardening, which is full of similarities to potting.


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