Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time Alone

I have had the hardest time getting back to clay after my unexpected trip to New Hampshire. Everyday something seemed to get in the way. Yesterday I finally got into the studio and finished carving some tumblers that I started two weeks ago. I can thank the cold, damp weather for keeping them at just the right carving consistency all this time.  I managed to throw some mugs and a few other small items as well.

Jeff and I haven't been able to connect a whole lot while he is in S. Korea, although I did get an e-mail last night and he won the bronze metal in the throwing competition! Last year he won the international potter prize, so this is one up from that... he was in with the Korean's this year. He said he practiced a lot on the wooden kick wheel this week, since he knew what was coming. They all went out to celebrate with a traditional meal that included a big bowl of wriggling and squirming, octopus tentacles. Jeff said that he did try one!

Speaking of food...

Cooking for one isn't nearly as fun as for two. It seems that I have cooked a couple of things and then eaten it for days on end. Last night was sauteed chicken in a sauce with pesto, fresh tomato, capers, and wilted swiss chard. I served it over tortellini with asparagus on the side, in one of my favorite Becca VanFleet bowls. It was the best meal I have had all week. I managed to make a smaller amount so there is only enough left over for lunch.

Sophie has been a whacko this week. First Jeff leaving, and them me, has messed up her schedule. She doesn't seem to know when it's time to eat or sleep... and let's face it, those are pretty much her only activities!
I don't mind alone time and sometimes crave it, but after the two weeks that I have had, I am anxious for Jeff to come home tomorrow... and, I want to get my hands on those paint brushes that I am sure he is bringing back!


  1. That big Ginko jar looks very nice. I know what you mean about cooking. When Tina is out of town I usually cook something once or twice a week then keep reheating it til it's gone.

  2. Those carvings look gorgeous...and congrats to your hubby on his prize. Cat life is so exciting, you just know they are thinking of something incredibly important, RIGHT!

  3. Congratulations to Jeff! Well Done!

    That is some gorgeous carving you are doing. Do you pencil the designs in or just freehand them?

    When I lived alone I used to make stuff and them freeze individual portions. Even a small lasagna gets pretty tedious after a while.

    Cats love sleeping so....I wonder what the dream of.

  4. Dennis, Jeff threw that jar before he left and I did the carving. The other two we did have been fired. I guess I should take some photos.

    B. & smartcat, thank you! I sketch designs with a pencil, sometimes making changes as I go.

  5. Love hearing about Jeff's adventures in Korea, so wonderful to learn of his winnings.

    Sophia looks a lot like Betty, as you know Betty runs the roost around here.

    I second Smarcat, your carved pieces are wonderful.

    Gary and I could use time alone, we are both fairly stressed out with last minute packing and future living arrangements for us and the cats. etc.

    My Aunt Helen used to cook once a week and freeze many portions for later consumption in tupperware. I still admire the cost and time efficient way she had of preparing and freezing meals for later use.

  6. oh geez, congrats to Jeffy, WOW what an honor! your carved work is quite absolutely wonderful isn't it? :)


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