Thursday, October 15, 2015

Team Lift

Workday breakfast omelette - green onion and Chinese chive
John Zentner plate - antique tile

Today is the final push of the studio move. Aside from the gas kiln we should have everything packed and moved by tonight. Yesterday we moved the large raku kiln, with the help of a neighbor, and our landscape guy. It's a giant, one piece, electric kiln that Jeff converted to gas. It's a bear to move because it doesn't come apart in rings, like most electric kilns. We finally feel like we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
The town of Seagrove approved our sign at 505 and tomorrow it's going up. Our gallery isn't finished but we will be open for business this weekend. Since we had to dry our tent out from the rainy show last weekend, I decided to set up the booth and use it as our sales venue for the next two weekends. We can't afford to not be open for another couple of weeks... I can't survive on Etsy alone. At least not yet.


  1. Good for you getting to final stage of move...and I'm glad you can have your sign out. Of course you want to be out there selling this time of year!

  2. yippee, do you get a lot of folks traveling in October, we have tons here now for the fall colors we call them leaf peepers, wish I had a place to sell directly to the public from my studio, maybe some day

  3. Oh, how exciting! J has told me he has plans for me to be on the roof with him all weekend, but soon, I will get by your new gallery. I know you will breathe a sigh of relief when it is all in one place.

  4. Whoop! your moving is ending and mine is just beginning. At least I know its possible, ha!

  5. Congratulations! Moving comes with its own set of surprises; you seem to have managed it all well!
    Toes crossed for a photo of the sign in its new place!

  6. This move does seem like it’s taking a long time. I’m sure you will be happy when it’s done. I hope you have many good sales.


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