Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting it done...

The itty bitty gas kiln is firing tonight. Inside it's belly is an assortment of mug, plates, and a vessel sink. All are orders. Fingers and toes crossed for a fabulous firing. We are fortunate that we have this little kiln to hold us over until our larger kiln can be rebuilt (soon, very soon... wish for good weather so our kiln shed will be installed).

While the kiln fires, I have taken some new photos of mugs for the Etsy shop. It's always good to freshen things up for the new year.


  1. where is the itty bitty at your new home ? have I seen it ?

    1. It's our raku kiln! We have using to fire to ^10 reduction.

  2. Weather has definitely been improving. This is why snow storms happen, so we (er I at least) can appreciate regular winter weather!


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