Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Nothing too exciting has been going on around here. We have had some great weather, so over the weekend I cleaned up the yard. Last week's storm brought down lots of tree limbs. They are now out back in the burn pile. We will have a big bonfire very soon.

The kiln building is moving along. More work would have been completed this weekend, but we needed ceramic mortar and none of the local suppliers had it. Jeff ordered some last week and we are expecting delivery today. Still no word on the propane tank. As long as it's here by the time the chimney is up, we will be happy.

I have been feeling like I am in a clay rut. I have been completing orders, but not doing any creative exploring. Without our larger kiln, it feels like we are in limbo. Making and carving these two small bottle vases has been the extent of my creativity these days.

The daffodils are blooming everywhere, many of them off into the woods. I had been cutting some to enjoy in the house, without stripping the yard of blooms. Last night I snapped this photo of the dining room. I glanced in from the kitchen and the shadows of the flowers and large pot caught my eye.

I thought about deleting this post, it seems rather scattered, but in the end I decided to publish it, because this is where I am at right now. Scattered and trying to get my sh&t together.


  1. Sometimes that happens, our creative work becomes a job and feels less creative. I think it’s a time of recharging. Just be patient and the creativity will start to flow again.

  2. Spring is a time of transition. It will be here and gone again before you know it. You'll be out of the rut and back on track with a new kiln! Looks like you guys are making good progress to me.

  3. Glad you went ahead and posted this...even with feeling scattered or hesitant. We've all been there, and will be again. Who was it that said, patience grasshopper.

  4. I'm glad you posted this. Life is just scattered sometimes. I suppose there's no getting around it.

  5. the bottles are wonderful, haven't done much for over a month myself

  6. Thanks to all for the encouragement. Today I felt a little more focused. A bisque kiln was unloaded and glazing had to be done. Much of the glazing was dictated by orders, but there were a few piggy banks left to my own devise. Meredith, from Whynot Pottery, has told me this is a transition year. I know she is right. I have to keep whispering that to myself.

    1. you have done most of the heavy lifting already :)


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