Sunday, August 21, 2016

Seafood Heaven

Jeff and I took full advantage of being in New England and enjoyed lots of fresh seafood. North Carolina has a beautiful long coastline, but we live three hours away from it. While the seafood is delicious, it is different from what I grew up with.

We had two lobster feasts, one on Bow Lake with our friend Roni, the other in New Haven, CT with Danielle and Jason. The Connecticut feast included steamed clams and crab cakes. The lobster this year was just $5.99 a pound! We cooked a couple extras to take home with us.

It was hot and humid in Connecticut. It felt like home, minus central A/C! No A/C meant dinner on the waterfront. Shell & Bones was the choice, cool inside with a beautiful view. 

More seafood was consumed, this time it was a filet topped with crab, bernaise sauce, and other delectable things. Fancy cocktails and great bottle of wine rounded out the meal... don't worry, we take advantage of Uber when going out on the town. It's was fun to go to a swanky place, something Jeff and I rarely do. Thank you Danielle and Jason for a wonderful treat!

It seems to have become a tradition that we visit a winery when we get together with the family. This year it was Chamard Vineyard in Clinton, CT.

The grounds were quite lovely, as well as the tasting room. The service was "meh." The server doing the tasting seemed rather uninterested in talking about the wines. Danielle's observation from her first visit there 4 years ago to now, is that it has become more of a wine bar. We probably would have been better off ordering a bottle of wine at one of the tables.

I fell in love with this fire pit! During the summer months they have music outside. This thing must look pretty cool with a glowing fire inside of it. There were a few smaller versions of it scattered around the patio.
The next morning Danielle and I went to Rocco's Italian bakery, walking distance from her home, and picked up some yummy breakfast pastries and a couple of mini stuffed breads for the ride home. We hit the road at 11:00 am and were home by 11:00 pm. A long drive, but it was smooth sailing with few delays. 

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