Friday, September 28, 2012

I can't believe it but...

it's true.
I am making Christmas ornaments this year. Jeff and I talked about this last year but didn't get around to it. Many years ago he made a press mold of an angel ornament he created in clay. I decided that these were something I could make while working my shifts at the Co-op. Yesterday I gave it a try but was having some trouble with getting the hands and nose coming out clean and crisp, and then there was the problem of cracking necks. After all, I hadn't used a press mold since my play dough days. When I got home Jeff gave me a lesson on the best way to get a good impression with a press mold... he said be sure to press it in really hard.

but probably not this hard...
 Yep, he broke the mold. I can still use the other half, but that one needs the wings attached separately which is a little more work.

Here are some in progress...
I will have to experiment with glazing. I might try using some Amaco velvet underglazes with my Temple White glaze over it. Jeff also mention trying just the underglaze and leaving the rest bare clay.
The one in the center is bisqued already, Jeff did that one this summer when we came across the mold. She is a footless angel (he forgot to add them) so she will be the first glaze test.

... I wonder if I have any cookie cutters in the kitchen? :o)


  1. Yikes, too bad, what kind of mold is that? I have some cookie molds but they are too thin and make super thin ornaments, I must dig them out and see what I can do with them. I try to use really soft clay with them. Maybe slip would work better?

  2. Linda, he made the angels out of clay and after the bisque firing he pressed them into clay, then bisque fired the mold. He said that if he were to do it again he would make the mold out of plaster.

  3. Stuff like this always happens when I see dollar signs and think I can bang out some quick little item. It's a trap.

  4. what could possible go wrong??
    They are cute!

  5. All of the other press molds I made after this one were much thicker.

    I made these angels in a past life...when I lived in Emerald Isle, and fired with Lanney Pelletier.


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