Monday, May 3, 2021

The latest in pottery

 We have been firing every two to three weeks. Our goal is to try to get orders back to a 4-6 week delivery time. Now that our shop is open 4 days a week, we will need to make pots to restock the shelves as well.

I had an order for a Bull piggy bank. They buyer didn't want white with black spots so we settled on this combination. I am really pleased with the results. They raise cattle so this is going to be sitting in their kitchen. 
This glaze is so hard to photograph. I thought it would be easier outside but I still got the reflection of the trees and sky. We have a dulling spray for photographing shiny glazes. I think I will give that a try to get some better photos before he is off to his new home.

I hadn't made coasters in a long time. A friend of a collector contacted us and ordered a set to give her as a gift. Once I am in the rhythm of making these, I like to make a bunch. The bottoms are covered with cork to protect furniture. I hope to get more in the next firing. They are great for filling up space. They can be stacked on top of each other since the glaze is only on the interior.

The weather has been so nice here in Seagrove, that it's been difficult to stay inside and work. The gardens are constantly calling us!


  1. Photos for listings can sure be a challenge sometimes. Cute bull, and the coasters are lovely.


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