Saturday, October 12, 2019


We are celebrating American Craft Week in Seagrove. We have been doing demonstrations in the studio these first two Saturdays in October. This week I am carving some ginkgo bowls. I need to get quite a few of these made in preparation for the Celebration of Seagrove Potters show next month. I feel like it has really crept up on us this year.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Welcome to October!

Where does the time go? I have been such a lousy blogger these days. Not a single post since mid-September.
Since that post I can say I have kept up with my daily walking routine. I have only missed a day here or there, either because of excessive heat or appointments that prevented me from walking in the cooler mornings. We are still enjoying veggies from our garden. It took forever to get green beans but now we seem to be eating them with every meal, along with tomatoes... but we aren't complaining.

Throughout the hot summer, pots have been made and kilns have been fired. Mostly orders and in between some things manage to find their way to our gallery shelves. I am still painting a few evenings a week and finally found time to mat some of my alcohol ink paintings.

I am happy to say that occasionally I have sold a few of these. At least it's supporting my art supply habit!
That's all I have got for you today. It's time for lunch and then it's on to under glazing mugs for the next firing. I am very thankful for more comfortable working temperatures this week.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Staying on Track

This summer I decided to make the commitment to walk everyday. I figured if I started when it was oppressively hot out I would create a habit without ever using the "it's too hot to walk" excuse. I am about five weeks into it now.

Last week I bought a fitness watch to help me set and meet goals. It was very affordable (under $40) and has good reviews for a budget fitness tracker. The only down side is that I can count steps with it, but can't get an accurate reading in the workout mode. It's not the watches fault, it's because that function utilizes GPS, which is very poor in rural Seagrove. The first time I used it it said that I walked 13 miles! In reality, I walked from my house, to the elementary school, and a loop around downtown... which isn't even 2 miles! I don't bother to turn on the workout mode now, I just use the step counter.

New sneakers were also purchased. I love the feel of new sneaks!!

I have been trying to mix up my routine to keep it interesting. I typically walk to the library and then through town. Occasionally I have driven to the nearby park and walked the trails there. We are getting a little break from the heat this week. This morning it was a very pleasant 60 degrees when I stepped out the door. I like knowing that there will be more mornings like this in the weeks ahead. I am a New England native, so when we head towards winter, I can't use the excuse that it's too cold to walk!

If you are interested, the fitness watch I have is a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 - Walmart dot com has the best price and I just noticed that it is now $32.88.