Sunday, June 9, 2013

Clay on Fire Kiln Unloading

 The rain finally stopped and the sun came out for unloading day at the Clay on Fire Art Festival...

Lots of new leaf mugs, most by Jeff, some by me.

The coolest booth set up at the show. Terry Childress with his big pots. I did a trade with him for a piece I absolutely love. It's still in a box, as soon as it's unpacked I will get it photographed.

Jeff got to play some blues harmonica with Eck McCanless. 

My snakes have finally been fired! They came out great.

When it comes to wood firing you have to take the bad with the good...
 A shelf fell over in the front and we ended up with a few sculptures.

 This piggy got a foamy glob of drip from the kiln roof. He looks like he has a strange disease.

and these little piggies were just perfect!

A big thank you to Ouida Newell for inviting us to fire with her. We have some great looking pots and we enjoyed a day at her farm!


  1. oh how wonderful, even the globby piggy is wonderful, he can't help it if he has a handicap, he has such wonderful patina. love the snakes, but what is that truck with the cabin on back of it, Oh I need that for my pottery travels. hope the sale went well.

  2. Hi Linda, the truck is Ouida's old timey truck camper! It's so cool, very Beverly HIllbillies.

  3. Looks like the little piggy has a cold or sinus problem. He's very cute.

  4. wow...I remember reading Foxfire 7 (or 8?) back 30 years ago about southern pottery traditions and here it IS, alive with you :)

  5. Now THAT looks like a really fun day! Thanks for sharing the good and bad ~ love them all :)

  6. I love the snakes, they look great.

    It looks like you had a great turnout too. Is that Linda Riggs in the first picture? Sure looks like her.

  7. What a great experience! The pottery looks fabulous. Love the snakes!

  8. I loved that old truck camper! And came home with one of Terry Childress's pieces too, though not a big one. Fun time!


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