Monday, December 21, 2015

Sheep Building

 This year I have sold all of my small animals, except for one lone piggy rattle. It's not really the pig's fault, he has been sitting on the peninsula in the kitchen, not out in the gallery.

Time to start building some new clay animals. I always go back to the sheep first. 

His head and body are hollowed out.

I apply the "wool" with a tiny Kemper extruder tool, using what I call the spaghetti die. Some day I might find another use for the tool, and the other dies that came with it. So far it's only been useful for creating sheep.

Despite the hollow body, his "wool" makes him quite thick. I will let him dry a good long time before going into the bisque kiln.
Next on the list... piggy rattles.


  1. He's a sweetie! Great on your piggy sales news!

  2. A cutie pie! Your camellias are lovely! J bought me a white one several years ago that so far has refused to bloom. The red ones are such welcome color this time of year.


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