Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Giving it Away...

As I rolled out of bed this morning, I heard my phone make that little sound that means I have a message on Etsy. Yay, maybe someone wants to order a piggy bank and has some questions. I clicked on the link only to find a message from someone wanting me to donate a salt pig to her pig rescue charity auction... it will be great exposure (yes she said that) and it's tax deductible (artist's can write very little off when they donate work).

Really? You want me to pack up a salt pig, pay for the postage, and ship it off. I don't even know you. You live in another state. How do I know that you aren't looking for free stuff for yourself?

This isn't the first charity request I have received via Etsy and I am sure it won't be the last.

I am getting REALLY good at saying NO.

As artists, we are often living hand to mouth. Some months I wish there was a charity that benefits me. Don't get me wrong... Jeff and I make donations. We have a few groups that we give to every year. Causes that have meaning to us. We don't do it for the exposure, because despite what many beggars, I mean solicitors, will tell you... the exposure is miniscule. I also don't give donations to groups that tend to get less than the real value of the work.

That's my rant for the day. Onward to more productive and positive thoughts.
Thanks for listening. Comments welcome.

Green and White Salt Pig - STILL available in the Etsy shop - clicking the photo will take you there
I would love for someone to rescue him ;-)


  1. If I feel a need for exposure, I'll drop my pants. Just say no.

  2. I've gotten some of those requests on etsy too. Truly, I'd rather have those than a phone call asking for something, but then I may just be weird that way :o). I so agree that giving to something you care about makes so much more sense than to an anonymous person.

  3. You said it: if I know and like a group, SURE, otherwise, GAWD, we are so flipping' poor and hardworking, they have no idea….

  4. Eating some bacon as I read this:) a pig rescue, kinda cute idea at !east!
    I got so tired of people asking me for free work, I got good at saying no too!

  5. I got a request for an empty bowls in Alabama, not sure how they got my email address but aren't there potter's in Alabama; I don't usually make small bowls anyway and don't have any extras sitting round, although I think empty bowls is a good event to donate to.

    How do you get etsy to notify you by phone of an order ?

    1. Linda, we have always donated to empty bowl both in NH and here in NC. A very worthy cause, but I agree... they should be asking local potters for donations.
      As for Etsy, I have the Etsy app on my phone. When I have a sale the phone goes "cha-ching"! A wonderful sound :-). It also chimes when I get a convo or feedback. I can manage listings through the app as well.

    2. thanks, yes empty bowls is a good cause for sure

  6. Did you hear about the artist that died of exposure? She starved.


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