Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not Piggy Banks

After a the holiday craziness, I have been given a very short reprieve from making pigs. Along with the dinnerware order I made some porcelain bowls and this shallow bowl/plate. It felt good to get back to carving those ginkgo leaves.

Since this is porcelain, and no slip, I will glaze them in celadon. I like it when I have pots planned from start to finish. It makes glazing less of a chore.


  1. funny I read the title as new piggy banks and I was wondering what the new would be, ha, it is nice to know what glaze you'll use in advance, sometimes I agonize over which glaze to use at the very end.

  2. I'm a pretty efficient glazer. Once I was glazing a full
    10ft kiln load at an art center and a friend came in to glaze 4 pots. I was done before she was.

  3. And the bowl will be one of your beauties!

    Glazing is easy for me....white! But the decisions I have to make when I get to the painting part!

  4. It looks beautiful already. And it must feel good to take a break from the banks.


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