Friday, February 26, 2016

Buying Power

The great thing about living in a community of potters is that we often all have the same needs. One of them is shipping and packing supplies. We are fortunate to have a packaging and shipping supply company in nearby Greensboro, NC. They will deliver for free with a minimum order. Since we often can't meet that minimum on our own, we get together with other Seagrove potters to place a large order.

This was delivery week at our studio! 

We were inundated with peanuts, bubble wrap, and paper!!!

It all had to be brought inside due to our wacky weather. Thankfully, everyone came quite quickly to pick up their share. Jeff and I still have to store our portion. Some goes into our office, some resides in our trailer until we have more room in the house. How is that we have doubled our living space and still don't have enough room?!!


  1. look to the rafters, there is space above, ha

    1. I wish we had space above! We do have pull down attic stairs in the house, but the ceiling has about 2' on insulation it... I don't think our giant bundles would fit through the opening either :-(

  2. I am fortunate to have SO MANY friends and neighbors with boxes, bubble wrap and foams that I haven't had to buy that stuff in awhile--I come home and it is sitting there on the porch, etc….can't stand paying for the stuff now!

  3. There is some corrolary of Murphy's Law that says stuff expands to fill any empty space!

  4. Right after I bought a bunch of bubble wrap so many neighbors started giving me their packing supplies that I've had to turn some away. It's always nice when community gets together, no matter how it happens.


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