Friday, February 19, 2016

New Pots from the Temporary Kiln

We should only have to fire one more time in the raku kiln. Yesterday we unloaded and had some really good results. What a relief, because everything but a few items were orders.

I have been letting Jeff handle most everything about firing in this little kiln. I have done the occasional burner turn up and that is it. He has done the loading and putting it into reduction. I am afraid of what would happen if I made any adjustments. We are so very anxious to be firing our new kiln.

After the unloading, yesterday was spent sanding and packing pots for shipping. Today is a day of meetings and other obligations. We will get back to kiln construction on Saturday.


  1. Glad you had something to fall back on for your orders...looking just like Dennis said!

  2. Lovely work :) Jeff (and you) is a marvel of adaptation!

  3. raku kiln....hmmm...I have a garden incinerator...on legs, lid with a has been done....

  4. Awesome results from a little kiln. Proof of the potter's skill in using the equipment! Getting custom orders right is tricky even in the best of conditions, let alone in a pinch. Good for you!

  5. great results in the raku kiln, so glad it all turned out


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