Monday, March 21, 2016

Kiln Fillers and Happy Birthdays

Our kiln is 99.9% completed, which means we have to get busy making pots to fill it. While Jeff made large pots, I made some kiln fillers. It's always good to have little things that can tuck under vessel sinks or fit on the bag wall, utilizing space that might otherwise be wasted.

The kiln fillers always sell quickly, which is the BEST reason to make them!

and of greater significance today...

Happy Birthday to my movie star daughter Danielle! 

She's still rockin' the sunglasses 30+ years later.

P.S. This guy also had a birthday over weekend...


  1. I read somewhere that only about 10% or less of a glaze kiln is actually pottery. The thought was that so much space is taken up with shelves, posts and just air since the pots can’t touch. Having fillers is the best way to make your filing efficient.

  2. wow, Lori's stat makes fillers all the more important

  3. Great to be another year older! Amazing stat but I guess believable! Keep making those fillers~!

  4. Love the incised ginkgo decorations on the "kiln fillers". Wonderful to celebrate birthdays and a kiln to fill!


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