Friday, April 22, 2016

New Technology

Jeff has a new toy, I mean tool! During the first glaze firing of the new gas kiln, one of the burners shut off during reduction. We have baso valves on the burners, so when the flame cut out, the gas shut off. Jeff wasn't sure how long it was out before he found it, but it couldn't have been too long because we didn't lose too much temperature. The next day he was searching online for a webcam. He thought it was a good idea to have one, since our kiln isn't quite as close to the house as the last one. Now no matter where we are - in the studio, house, or yard, we can monitor the kiln via our laptops or smartphones. Wouldn't you know, we had a burner go out on firing #2 as well. Thanks to Jeff's webcam, he caught it right away. Now we are researching what's going on with this burner. I hope we get it solved by firing #3.


  1. Ah, kiln repairs, a renewable pleasure…..

  2. So fun to have new tools! Technology is also a fun thing these days.

  3. Modern tech does have its uses!
    Toes crossed that the burner problem is easily fixed!

  4. Great idea. I hope you all can find the burner problem as easily as the monitoring issue.


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