Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Firing #2

Firing #2 of the new kiln was a mixed bag. The mugs in the photo above came out great, exactly what the customer wanted. They also ordered watercolor mugs and the glaze pin holed on some of them. We will give them a re-fire to see if it settles them down.

The wide mouth piggy bank was a special order. If you didn't know how the dots usually turn out you would think it was wonderful. In reality they are usually more subtle, like the dot on the ear.
Our shino glaze looked a little under reduced as well as my Temple white glaze. Jeff wants to start firing #3 later, so that we can be in reduction at night. That will allow him to better see what's happening in the kiln. Our kiln is located in a sunny spot, and there was a lot glare on firing day.

It takes time to work out a new kiln, along with patience, and getting over disappointment quickly.


  1. Only you can tell us how it "should" look. I'm really thrilled with both of those from that firing! Just goes to show...

  2. yes, onward :) but these look great to me!

  3. Gorgeous mugs! I Like the contrast of the dots on the pig.
    Everything takes time......keep on truckin'


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