Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Glazing Ginkgo Leaf Pots

When I am glazing pots with the ginkgo leaf design, I often wonder why someone who doesn't really care for glazing, chooses a time consuming method of applying it?

As anyone who works with shino glazes knows, shino is applied first. It typically doesn't like to be on top of another glaze. If it is, cruddy things usually occur. After the pots get a dip or a roll in the shino, I wipe it back, or away, from areas that I don't want it to be. Once the glaze dries, I cold wax rims or handles, that I either want to keep shino, or avoid drips when pouring in the gloss green glaze. Can you tell I am confident that firing #3 will be reduced beautifully? Why else would I commit to so many shino pots?!

Speaking of ginkgo leaves, last week a potter in town, gifted me something very special...

My very own baby ginkgo tree! As soon as it has grown a little more, Jeff and I will find the perfect place for it our yard.


  1. how wonderful to have your own gingko, when I took plant id our teacher took us to see mature trees all around the Sacramento area and I still remember the beautiful golden yellow of the fall ginkgo leaves. link about gingko, said some folks keep them as bonsai =

  2. The ginkgo tree... what a neat gift!

  3. Your efforts at glazing always pay off :)

  4. I have saved one cup to use while everything is packed up for moving and it is the one I bought when you were moving, felt it was appropriate to keep the cup that helped you move :) I love the glaze on it, time well spent I would say!
    Its funny though, I use it everyday for tea and coffee and it is getting a really interesting brown interior that looks a bit like a shino....

    1. I hope the cup brings good energy for your move! A good soak in a little liquid automatic dish detergent with hot water should remove that stain... but I am sure you already knew that ;-)

  5. I love your confidence and am excited to see the results of firing #3.


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