Friday, May 6, 2016

Second Look

We unloaded firing #2 the day before my family arrived. Jeff and I sanded and packed all of the pots that needed to be out the door right away. I had a quick look at some of the pots, before moving on to being the hostess.

This little pig came out of the kiln, and my first thought was, "Damn, the shino isn't coppery-orange".
He was an Etsy order, and I thought I would just fire another, since I had some time and have piggy banks already made. He was set aside, and left on his own for the remainder of the week.
Last night I decided to take photographs of him. After spending time with him, I realized that although it was different from the listing photos, he was really a handsome pig.

The aqua is really bright, and I like the contrast of it against the black/gray overlap of the two glazes. I sent photos to the buyer and she loves him too. Today he is off to his new home.

Many times when I am disappointed with pots that don't turn out as I expected, I have found that photographing them, lets me see them in a new light. I think that translates to lots of situations in life.


  1. I find the same thing, that and letting them sit on the shelf for a bit of time.

  2. A favorite teacher of mine said, "put the ones that you think are mistakes aside for a year, then you can throw them out." Well, I wouldn't have room to live if I did that, but there are sure a lot of pieces I've kept that are waiting to be tossed. That's what comes of beginning again each year it seems.

  3. This little piggies is a sweetie; glad that your buyer liked it too!
    It's that old thing of expectations meeting head on with reality. I know for me it takes a while for reality to rise to the top!

  4. My shino will darken if I refire it in a bisque load.

    1. Dennis, we have tried that in the past and didn't have great results.


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