Monday, May 9, 2016

Third Times a Charm!

We unloaded firing #3 over the weekend and we are happy to report great results! The shinos are a nice toasty orange and the celadons, perfect.

Jeff plans to back off the reduction just a little on firing #4. You can see that some of the greens have a some red/brown blush, which happens when it gets a lot of reduction. Luckily, I think it works on these ginkgo leaf pots.

The BEST part of this firing is that there was NO pin holing on the nuka white glaze!!! That was our biggest concern, because we use it a lot and it has typically been so reliable. We were totally worried that something had changed in the clay that was causing a bad fit.

I am finally catching up on back ordered salt pigs that had been pin hole victims, and I now actually have a couple in stock and ready to ship. The other cool news is that some pots with pin holes that we re-fired also came out great. That means some of the sad looking pigs on the shelves, may get a new life with second go around. 
Jeff and I are breathing a huge sigh of relief. I think we are now finally back in our groove.


  1. You said it, the greens, leafy pots = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful!
    Like the pigs; sometimes the magic works! (Emphasis on work!)

  3. dialed in on the third firing is pretty amazing !

  4. These are wonderful! Cooking with gas, as they say!

  5. beautiful pots! third time is the charm!! and yeah to no pinhols!


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