Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ash glaze, Tenmoku, Ginkgo Leaves, and Hurricanes

Jeff and I unloaded the kiln yesterday. Overall it was a very good firing. I had a few ash glaze pots that I sprayed a little heavier than I wanted too... but that was my error, no fault of the kiln. They are still fine pots, just not what I was expecting.

Here are a few of the pieces that I was really happy with.

I made these last winter. I put a couple in the first firing of our new kiln and they got some kiln crud chunks in the bottom. I set a couple more aside and they finally went in this firing. This one made me do the happy dance!

Everyone has their eye on the hurricane that is heading this way. I am really hoping the storm will not impact us or if it does, it will happen before Saturday. We have an outdoor show in Charlotte this weekend. Chances are we inland enough to be spared the brunt of it, but it doesn't mean we won't have high winds with lots of rain. Outdoor shows in the rain suck. Outdoor shows in high wind are dangerous. I am sure the show will be cancelled or postponed if it's too dangerous for us to be out there. Stay tuned for updates!


  1. Same thoughts as to wind and rain, as we're due to be out sat. Morning also. Fingers and toes crossed that Matt goes elsewhere! Love the pottery!

  2. Those mugs are just lovely! We're keeping our eye on the hurricane too. I hope it won't mess up your show.

  3. I like the first mug's feet, did you push up the bottom to make the feet? We have been so dry up here I wish we'd get some of the hurricane rain.

  4. I did one show in a hurricane, Andover, Mass. in 2005….lasted a horrible hour under the tent then left, surprised to have made a sale :) The cups and dish are AMAZING :)


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