Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making Vessel Sinks

The great thing about making vessel sinks is that it isn't tied to the holiday season. People order them year round. This week I took a few photos of Jeff's work in progress. Last month he had to order a new torch. He finally wore out the last one. The nice thing about this torch is that it doesn't need a striker to light. I can't even tell you how many times the striker was misplaces and we had to search for it.

Torching the pot stiffens the clay and allows Jeff to finish throwing the sink in one session. When he is using the torch it's gets very warm and steamy in the studio. Which was very welcome while we experienced a cold snap.

This sink is getting a textured exterior and glazed in our nuka white glaze. I think this is one of my favorite patterns. I really like how the glaze breaks to gray over the texture.

Today was sunny and 70 degrees. We have enough work completed for the first firing of 2017. It was a perfect day to load the bisque kiln. Tomorrow we will fire it off.

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  1. It has been interesting weather this week. The sink is gorgeous!


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