Tuesday, May 6, 2008


i haven't had the time or energy to write a post in the last few weeks...just when you think things are going well...warm weather has arrived, i spent two days in the studio...and then WHAM! someone hits you from behind. literally. i was rearended two weeks ago. my suv was towed from the scene. luckily i wasn't badly hurt...lots of nasty bruises, sore all over and whiplash. now i am waiting on the insurance company to appraise my trailblazer...the body shop thinks it is totalled. i have spent countless hours on the phone with insurance companies, the body shop and Enterprise rentals. now i am faced with the daunting task of purchasing a used vehicle...mine was paid for and i dont want to have a car loan right now. i loved my trailblazer...but with the outrageous price of gas i am thinking i should buy something economical to drive. then i think how will i get by without something big enough to haul clay, pots and occasionally my wheel. needless to say i am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

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