Thursday, March 8, 2012

a new to me technique for covered ovals!

I have always struggled with making covers for my oval or even worse, my wavy oval bakers. Jeff came home from the NC Potters Conference with a technique, demonstrated by Martha Grover, that he said would be helpful to me. Jeff did a demo and then I gave it a try on ovals. I decided to just do a few small ones to work the idea through, later I will move to larger and wavy ones.

After throwing my bottomless cylinder with a gallery, I measured the gallery with calipers and threw a ring that would fit inside. After letting them set under plastic overnight I cut them off the bats, placed the ring inside the cylinder, and squeezed the two, simultaneously into the oval shape. I then put the bottom on the cylinder, I typically throw the bottom slabs on the wheel, but sometimes use a rolled out slab.
Next I used a slab to finish the cover...

I plan to slip and carve the tops of these and add some handles.

I experimented with a wavy top. Still needs some more work, not sure where this one is going yet. It could end up in the scrap bucket!
I was impressed at how well the covers fit. When I used the slumping inside the cylinder technique it was always problematic because when you flip the lid over it fits on the container in reverse... really a pain if it's a wavy oval.
We are enjoying mah-valous weather in Seagrove today and I am writing this post from out on the porch - 5:30 pm and 70 degrees!
Jeff took the plastic cover off of our little winter garden and everything looks healthy and green.

Swiss Chard and broccoli along with some garlic... I can't wait to plant tomatoes!


  1. I used the same technique for my butter dish, but casseroles are a great idea. I am way to fond of round, mainly because I don't feel comfortable with altering. But that is changing and I am trying to do more to my pots.

  2. How fun to learn a new technique and try it out, those conferences are a wealth o finformaiton. Your baby plants look great. We got up to 85 yesterday, yikes.

  3. That looks a good technique

  4. That is a great method for lids. I've always had the same problem with slumped lids. Yours look like they were made for each other......uhhhh 'cause they were?!!

    Loving your garden.....we are starting to have daffodils in bloom.....which is early for here.

  5. Guess what I'm going to try today. Thanks to you and Jeff for sharing.
    May you continue to enjoy beautiful weather.


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