Sunday, January 25, 2009

the art journal project

in november i was invited to participate in a year long art journal project. here is how it works:
12 members, each chooses a theme for their journal and creates a two page spread of artwork in their book. on the 1st of the month you mail your journal to the next person on the list and you receive someone else's book. each month you create art in the journal you received using your own interpretation of the the owner's theme. when the year ends you get your book back...filled with 12 artistic interpretations of your exciting!!
... i was feeling that it would be a good way to express myself creatively after the emotional year that i have had.
so here it is the last week of january...i have seven days to complete my journal and send it off...the stress is building!
i'll update periodically about how this project is going.

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