Friday, April 17, 2009

raku food

raku food you say???
it all started when i came home from the wine shop with a nice bottle of southern beauty sake. jeff brown and i decided we needed to cook some asian influenced food to go with it. we spent the evening chopping veggies and seasoning chicken. jeff was the chef and i was the assistant (just like when we raku together!) as things were prepared the table filled with bowls of assorted veggies. the table was a visual feast with all the different colors displayed in so many beautiful handmade bowls...

recognize the makers of any of the pots pictured above? represented are john zentner, jeff brown, brian gricus, john glick, kurt heinzmann, dan comte, cornwall bridge pottery.

i likened the experience to raku firing because the prep was so much fun and then throwing it all in the skillet, hearing the sizzle, the steam rising and the scent of the herbs and spices infusing the room....mmmm....and then it was finished and we enjoyed the results immediately! the results were delish...but the prep was the most fun.

...and the sake was great too.


  1. A feast for the eyes! Beautiful pottery pieces! Michele, would you contact me at Thanks!

  2. OH MY a feast of food and pots alright....thanks for the visit to my blob, hullo to Jeff Brown and I just love ALL your artwork!

  3. thanks gary...and i will send your hullo to mr brown


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