Thursday, June 11, 2009

closed and locked the door...ready for a new beginning.

the may art journal is completed at last...i am not sure how i feel about it. i like it better photographed than when i am holding it in my hands. the left hand page is the apartment i shared with john. it is a charming old building with lots of windows and sunlight. after john died i couldn't focus on the things i loved about the apartment that we called home. i dwelled on the negative...rude neighbors, the ceiling that needed repair, the stained fixtures from too much iron in the well water. inside the cut out windows are pictures of things that irritated me but also some that are symbolic to me as i travel this road through grief.

this is my new is a lovely little home nestled on a wooded lot across the street from bow lake. the door and windows open up to photographs of thing i love about this new beginning. there are also some written words on the flaps of the door and windows...

above and below is someone else's spread in the journal. it depicts a tree throughout the seasons...of course sophie had to get in the picture.

the title of this post are the words that are written across the bottom of my spread in this journal. difficult as this months journal was to arrived right on time.

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