Friday, July 31, 2009

first semi-solo firing part I

YAHOO!!!! on tuesday i FINALLY fired the kiln...jeff and i got a late start at around 3:00 in the the early evening he had things he needed to do so i was left to fend for myself...i had just one panic attack when i turned up the burners and the temp started to climb a little too quickly, i couldn't adjust it to where i wanted it to be. i called jeff begging him to hurry back!!! he calmed me down and i was able to make the proper adjustments...phew.

lighting the burners

and away we go!!!

after we got through body reduction jeff went back to the house and made this delicious tofu stir fry. he delivered it to the studio in my all time favorite john zentner casserole along with a nice bottle of sake. midnite firing food always tastes soooooo good!

jeff checking the temperature with the pyrometer

my new firing log book with jz's log book...sigh.

we followed john's log book from past firings...he was a note taker so thankfully i have something to fall back on. we did have a puzzle to solve though...he referenced adjusting the pressure on the regulator but we couldn't find a regulator ANYWHERE! and it's not like i could call him to ask so i looked up at the sky and said "john, drop a stone or something to point us in the direction of the regulator!" seemed he didn't hear me so we went back inside the studio...low and behold jeff opened john's log book, turned a page and there was a note.."removed regulator" mystery solved...i truly believe john turned that page for us :-) 2:30am cone 10 went down at both the top and the bottom of the kiln. shut her down and we toasted with sake, pouring the rest of my cup over the top of the kiln for good luck. it was a very exciting night. post will be the results!

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