Monday, September 7, 2009

happy labor day!

we have had great weather this holiday weekend in new hampshire...i am thankful to have had both saturday and today off from my real estate work. i put in some good studio time as well as participating in a wood firing with paul haig of wiley hill mudworks in londonderry. final stoking is tonight!!!
the new hampshire potters guild is in the process of re-building our community wood kiln at al jaeger's magical place in deerfield, nh. i brought jeff some lunch while he worked there on saturday. fellow potter kurt was there with his lovely greyhound maive. maive and i went for a walk and did a little exploring of al's property.

al makes mystical house sculptures and they are scattered throughout the woods on either side of the long drive to his home...i thought it was funny how maive's nose was in this picture!

al's garden gate

loading the wood kiln on saturday...i am re-firing some of the pots that came out of my first gas firing...they are getting a second chance at being beautiful...

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