Thursday, September 29, 2011

back to production

the Celebration of Seagrove Potters will be here before we can blink an eye so we have lots to make. i also had a call from a woman who owns a small shop that occasionally buys wholesale from us... she had just sold a small salt glazed plate with the slip and ivy design and the woman who bought it wants 5 more and the shop owner said she would also like to have 10. the timing was perfect because we are firing the ground hog kiln at the pottery center on Oct. 8th. this also meant that i had to stop whatever else i had in the works and get them made.

they were easy to get finished since they are a small dessert or appetizer plate and only about 6" in diameter once fired. on the downside, loading plates in the salt kiln are a pain. we plan to stack them which means they will have wadding marks on the surface, which i happen to like. i can't remember if the one that was sold was stacked this way so hopefully they will be acceptable. i will just keep my fingers crossed.
aside from finishing up some big pots, jeff has been busy with goblets...

the plain ones will be bisque fired and shipped to a potter who does renaissance fairs. she purchases them from jeff then glazes and fires them to sell at her venues. the special ones will go in the salt kiln...

and wine coolers to match...



  1. good to see the work and orders flowing

  2. Love the sgraffito, busy busy, where do you find the room to stack all that work?

  3. mmm hmmm, NICE work, esp. the goblets! I have a bunch of goblets to do, but anytime I have something on the list, I do something else....strange personal rebelliousness, I s'pose :)

  4. Nice work. Like Gary, I'm interested in the goblets at them moment, as I have a few to make too. Renaissance fairs sound fun! I'd love to see a ground hog kiln in action, how long are the firings?

  5. Peter - the last time we fired the ground hog kiln, after preheating overnight, it fired in a little over 8 hours... the shortest wood firing i have ever participated in! this time we are planning to continue stoking for at least another hour after it reaches ^10. we had mostly good results last time but think the extra time will be even better.


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