Tuesday, October 4, 2011

plodding along...

...as i was walking back to the studio from the mailbox this morning, i noticed that jeff found a new spot to dry some clay in the recycling process... on the bench amidst our "garden pots".

we are getting ready for a salt firing in the ground hog kiln at the NC Potter Center this weekend and aside from losing our  kitty, IV, i have been sick with a cold that has knocked me on my ass. jeff has been working until the wee hours of the morning getting pots and orders finished and i have been limping along. thankfully there isn't much glazing involved in a salt firing and i did get a lot done today.

i am experimenting with some Albany slip on these bottle forms. the interiors are temnoku. 

our friend Rob, who teaches ceramics and critical thinking at Chowan University here in NC, is coming for the weekend. he is bringing pots and helping us with the firing. we always have fun when Rob is in town and we are looking forward to seeing him!


  1. you're working hard, no wonder you've got a cold. Look after yourselves.
    Hope the firing is good!

  2. Those bottles are going to be wonderful! Gerry is sick with a cold also, too much of a festive weekend for him I guess. Just hoping it stays away from me, I have tooo much to do! Feel better xoxo


    In Mommy Mode: Did you guys get your flu shots?

    It seems everyone in the world has a cold. Sadness makes us more vulnerable to little bugs. Me? I have seasonal allergies that will continue for a while.

    I believe in echinacea and rose hip tea with honey and lemon. And chicken soup.

    Hope all is well soon.

  4. Those piles of clay look like pies cooling in the shade at a distance. Love the swirlies going on on those pots. I use the wellness formula and it helps speed recovery. It'g got herbs and vitamins all in one big caplet.


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