Wednesday, July 4, 2012

art journal part II

Here are photos I took of some of the 2009 art journals. A few are my contributions, others are by the other artists. The first two photos are from the "New Beginnings" journal.

 This book came in the spring when I had made the decision to move out of the apartment that JZ and I shared. Once he was gone I could only focus on the negatives of living there. The windows are filled with representations of those things. On the right was my new beginning. A little house on Bow Lake. The windows are filled with the promise of starting a new chapter in life.

The next three are from the "Self Portrait" journal...


 Above is my two page spread, based on a very vivid dream. After that dream, I knew I was never going to not have my hands in clay!

 The cover of fairies was both cool and creepy. It appeared to be a paper pulp sculpture built up on the cover.


I had just read a biography about Georgia O'Keefe, and had seen an exhibition of her and Ansel Adams work in Washington, DC. Obviously this watercolor was inspired by O'Keefe.

It looks like I have recruited 7 participants for the 2013 art journal project... I am looking for 5 more people to join in. If you missed the details go back and read the previous post. If you know someone who you think would like to do this have them leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Aren't you glad you took pictures? Thanks for sharing them.

    Enjoy the Fourth

  2. Love these pictures. I'm excited about being part of the 2013 Art Journal.

  3. What a great project to do. These are amazing :)

  4. amazing to see art in other venues like journals, love the okeefe, I saw a an exhibit in Sante Fe years ago, great to see in person.

  5. Still interested...
    Thanks for the pictures from the last round of journals! Fantastic stuff!

  6. Mr. Young, we would be glad to have you join the group. There was a guy involved in the last project.


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