Saturday, July 28, 2012

let's do the math

Mr. Young commented on my last post, asking how many pots fit into our little gas kiln. It just so happens that we do, on occasion count the pots. So I actually have an answer for him today.

The total number of pots in this firing was 74. The retail value of this kiln load is approximately $2000+/-. 

The goal we set for the LNHC show at Mt. Sunapee in NH is $10,000. Simple math says we need a minimum of five firings for show inventory. We have done three in the last two weeks and we will fire once more, although we are not sure it will be cool enough to pack up for Wednesday! Aside from these three firings, we have inventory fired over the last couple of months to bring with us as well. If there is anything left after the nine days on the mountain, it will go to galleries in NH... we are planning to come home with an empty trailer!

These are a couple of Jeff's that were my favorites from this kiln....
 Textured bowl with nuka and gloss green

Platter with ash glaze, there were two of these and they both are beauties.

Time to get to work. This kiln load needs to be sanded, priced, and boxed. 4 days till departure.


  1. What a great platter and bowl, the green and nuka together are very nice, what kind of trailer do you haul?

  2. Linda, last year we bought a Horton trailer, can't remember how many feet it is... here is a link to a post when we bought it.

    We aren't crazy about how it travels, but it was affordable.

  3. May you return home with an empty trailer and a long list of commissions.

  4. Good luck, hope you are toting empty boxes on the way back!

    Nice to see you tonight, sorry we didn't talk more.

  5. Nice I love the textured bowl too, reminds me of rippling water - beautiful!


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