Friday, July 20, 2012

There's a whole lot of celebratin' going on...

Jeff un-bricked the door to the kiln this evening and we took a few things out...

Jeff's large textured bowls came out awesome...

The test tiles for nuka and peach blossom look good so pots with those glazes will go in the next firing, which will get loaded on Sunday.

And the BEST news we are celebrating is...

Jeff had a wood fired piece accepted into Strictly Functional! He has been in the show before but missed the deadline the last few years. He was feeling good about getting in, since Jack Troy is the juror this year.

Tomorrow we are celebrating two years in Seagrove and Eck McCanless Pottery is celebrating their one year anniversary. We decided to celebrate together... pottery demonstrations at both shops and food! Eck and his wife, Rhonda, are serving up heavy hors d'oeuvres and then you can wander around the corner to our place for dessert... m&m brownies and blueberry oatmeal bars. Or come see us for dessert FIRST and then head over to Eck McCanless Pottery for lunch (we won't tell your mother).

... and if you come late we'll be on the porch, drinking beer. Help yourself, they'll be in the cooler.


  1. congrats to Jeff on strictly functional and nice to see you had a good firing, have a great celebration.

  2. Yeah Jeff! I understand it's REALLY hard to get in that show! You definitely have something to celebrate - you've got some real lookers in that load!

  3. Oh man, fantastic news about the firing and Jeff!

  4. Opening a kiln is like going into a candy store! Yours looks like the yummiest.
    Congratulations on getting into the show. Jack Troy yet!

  5. BTW, Fetish Ghost posted Jack Troy's Juror's Statement on his blog,
    I would love to be juried-rejected by someone that thoughtful .

  6. Have a great sale.Congrats to Jeff.

  7. Congratulations, guys. It's always good news to get into a show like that, but even better when you get a good firing and can happily continue to grow your pots.

  8. Yay! Congratulations. Party away.


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