Friday, July 27, 2012

this is our reality.

Our deadline for the League of NH Craftsmen Fair at Mt. Sunapee Resort is looming. We have pots growing all over the yard, trying very hard to dry in this humidity, and get into the bisque kiln tomorrow...

 Not a single spot is spared, not even the giant trash receptacle...

or the two outdoor grills...

pots even grow in the garden here...

 then there are the pots that are getting glazed...

and a kiln to be unloaded... and loaded again to be fired once more before we leave on August first.

aside from the pots, we grow tomatoes too.

 after all, we do have to eat.


  1. That's how I feel ... pots everywhere! But I now believe I have a kiln coming! Good luck with your firings!

  2. Love those leaf pots and your tomatoes are looking good, mine have withered due to all the rain and humidity, just a few yellow pears left. I'd be afraid a squirrel or raccoon would jump up and knock some of those over.

  3. I hope your time in NH is cool and fruitful, just like your tomatoes are! Well, not just like, but you know what I mean, I hope. Work hard, play easy!

  4. OMG, Tracey, it has been so hot. There have been days I have wanted to just quit... but we must persevere, and the prize is that MAYBE it will be cooler in NH.

    Linda, all the pots come in under the porch or back in the studio at night. The racoons are too busy eating my neighbors corn to bother with us!

  5. You guys are machines!!! ;)
    I am in awe...and in total envy over those beautiful pitchers~ they are beautiful.


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