Saturday, August 25, 2012

Booth Neighbors

When you do a nine day show you get to know your booth neighbors quite well...

 Next door to us was Lee Spiller. We already had a couple of his vases at home and this year we added two more to the collection.
 We think hauling pottery to shows is heavy, can you imagine lugging all these stones? On the plus side, they aren't breakable!

Our across the aisle neighbor for the 2nd year in a row was Sarah Heimann...
 The details on her carved pots is amazing. If you click on the photo above you may be able to see that the knob on the right is a vacuum cleaner and on the left is dresser!

A bonus for the week was having the opportunity to see a sink that Jeff made for a good friend that lives in the Sunapee area. He hadn't seen it installed...
Do you see where Jeff set his beer down to take the photo? I guess we won't be using this photo for advertising!
Ha, ha, ha, I just enlarged the photo and it wasn't his beer... it was a bottle of hand lotion that must have been on the countertop!


  1. The next house we buy I am going to have to have that sink in it!!! Sooo beautiful :)

  2. Oh how wonderful to see the work of the other potters near you and the sink is so beautiful; great to see it installed. Oh maybe next year I'll get up to that show I hope so. Love seeing all the photos from up there of the shows and scenery.

  3. Totally inspiring, surrounded by all those artists, I remember it well!

  4. I love the sink, when we renovate our bathroom I want to make my own sink for it.
    I do wonder about the placement of the handlotion, maybe you can photoshop it away, no matter how funny it is.

  5. Looks like you had nice neighbors! Love the rock vases...but I love all things rock :)

    That sink is stunning~~~


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