Tuesday, August 28, 2012

getting back to work and trying out some not so new ideas

It seems like Jeff and I are having a hard to getting back into production. We really need to get ourselves back on track, because of orders to fill, as well as shows to get ready for. I feel like I have been moving at a snails pace., but some work has been getting done.

I started incorporating leaves into my pots shortly after moving to Seagrove, starting with slip resist (which I still do) and then adding carved leaves. From the very beginning, people were asking if I did ginkgo leaves. So many potters (and jewelers) use ginkgo leaves in their work, that I was resistant to the idea. After more requests this week I figured I may as well give it a go...

 I am fairly happy with the first incarnation. I am sure it will get tweaked as I do some more.

When I get a spare moment I have been creating more rattles and carving them. Some will get fired in wood and others I am going to try wadding and firing in the gas kiln.

I like the way the mermaid in the back, right, came out. Her body wraps around the orb, her flowing hair meeting her tail. Not too crazy about her face though. My carving tools aren't small enough to do a good job. Though I did find a different Dolan tool in Jeff's box today that makes a finer line and is easy to control. I will make a few more so that I can practice making faces... although my siblings would say I had no trouble making faces when I was a kid.


  1. I used to make rattles that I raku fired, yours would be so great fired like that!

  2. Your's are a great take on the ginkgo. I had a tree growing at my last place but resisted using the leaves because so many did. Here I felt the same way about making leaf pieces, but my leaf tea bag holders/spoon rests are so popular I am making more. I'm trying to let my inspirations and my customers requests flow freely.

  3. Tracey- I have raku fired rattles in the past... and they are gone so I must have sold them! I won't be able to raku fire these because they are made out of my recycled clay... too much highwater orange stone in it which doesn't like the raku process.

  4. I went out to the studio today and just couldn't make anything. I have been working so hard to fill wholesale orders that came as a surprise early this summer that it pushed back my production for the fall. After unloading a bisque load I decided that I was caught up enough to have a break today. I only have a few more weeks before glazing begins.

    Like the leaves.

  5. You've got to admire the Ginko tree, they are beautiful, useful and living fossils. It's no wonder people love them and want reminders on their pottery. I think these pots do the tree justice.

  6. I know they say that nothing is truly original but this is uncanny. I have been making ginkgo vases like these that I wood fire for several years now. I also make them with colored slips as well.


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