Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look who I met at the fair today...

It's Suzie, aka Smartcat!!!!!

Oh what fun to meet blogger buddies in person. Suzie has family in NH and has made the League of NH Craftsmen Fair a near annual visit. I think we could have talked for hours, if it wasn't for the fact that I needed to be selling pots! She is planning to return one more day to the fair (it's way too big to take it all in in one day) and I hope that we get more time to visit. I still need to have my annual fair ice cream (or two!) so maybe she will join me, and we will have more time to chat.

... in business news, sales picked up a lot today with the cooler weather settling in. We are confident it will continue. In between selling pots, we are having fun catching up with all of our artist/crafter friends. I truly love North Carolina, but it does feel good to be "home".


  1. Good to put a face to the name of Suzi, and so glad sales have picked up. Have a good one.

  2. You outted me! ( But I did say it was okay!) Happy to hear that sales are picking up.

    See you later!

  3. What a great and fun surprise.
    Good news about the sales, bring home lots of empty bins.

  4. It's always so fun to meet bloggers, isn't Suzie a cutie! Glad sells are good for you. I would love to be up there seeing all of that pottery!

  5. I love to meet people from the internet in real life! It always feels like you know each other so well already : )


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