Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cooking up a storm...

Lately we have been on a cooking spree. I think in part it may be because we were away for most of August and didn't have our own kitchen to spend time in.

 Our own version of chili made with chicken... really yummy and invented with things we had on hand.

Sundried tomato and garlic hummus

 I have been on a hummus making kick. So much better and less expensive than store bought. Jeff said he never cared for hummus until he had mine :-). We have been eating it on a variety of toasted breads. I think it's our new lunch favorite.

Apple Brownies

We have soooo many apples that I have needed to do some baking as well.

VEGAN WARNING! If you don't like to look at large hunks of meat, click away now...

Jeff spent labor day, laboring over the smoker. He smoked two pork shoulders and we enjoyed some fabulous pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw...

What's a holiday in the south without barbecue?


  1. You know, if you get tired of this pottery thing, you could open a restaurant, I would be there every night,

  2. It all looks so good! Would you consider sharing your hummus recipe? I need to go eat something!

  3. I'll bet that pork was delicious, it looks so good and love the plate with triangles and the lidded, is it cruet?

  4. was that apple brownies?! good golly, recipe please!

  5. Is this why we are having all this rain?
    It is all of us crying since you are ONLY sharing pictures and no recipes....
    There will be a storm today!
    Give them up!


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